Canyon Rides

canyon3Canyon Rides:
This is a minimum two hour ride. [You may choose to ride longer.] Rides depart at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
Cost, per rider, is $65 for the first hour, $35 per hour after that.

Make a reservation! Text, or call, 505.352.4098.  Email:

The views are always better on a horse.™ And, in these particular canyons, the only time you get to enjoy such spectacular scenery is when you’re riding a horse!

Enjoy stunning vistas from atop these cliffs, wind your way along the narrow paths between towering rock walls, shimmy up the petrified sand dunes, that seem to pop up out of nowhere, just 10 minutes from ARA headquarters.

We’re out there mornings and afternoons. Sometimes we get a wild hair and ride these amazing trails by the light of a bright full moon.

And, you’ve never really enjoyed a sunset until you enjoy one atop a horse as the evening light brings out the brilliant reds and golds of canyon rocks and wildflowers.

Canyon Rides:



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