• New Mexico Trails

    Canter to the top of a rocky mesa and marvel at the breathtaking views of New Mexico's rugged terrain. Splish splash along the sandy riverbeds of the historic Rio Grande. Explore hidden canyons by the light of a bright full moon. We're the only stables to offering trotting and cantering. Saddle up for the ride of your life. Call us: 575.517.0477. Or, click here to email.
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  • River Rides

    Who's up for some Splish Splashin' Fun? When the temps start to rise, we high tail it to the swimmin' hole. Cooling down along the shallow, sandy riverbeds of the historic Rio Grande. You can walk your horse, or choose to go a little faster. This bucket list adventure is safe for riders of all ages and skill levels. Hard tellin' who enjoys it more ~ you or your horse! Call us: 575.517.0477
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  • Sunset & Moonlight

    It's true what they say ~ The view is always better on a horse. So, join us for a leisurely jaunt to the top of San Lorenzo Canyon, where you'll delight in the brilliant fireworks of a New Mexico sunset. Better yet? Explore these amazing trails by the light of a bright full moon. Now, that's a bucket list adventure if ever there was one. Reserve a time: 517.417.0477
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Saddle up and explore some of the most spectacular scenery in the desert southwest! Rugged canyons, petrified sand dunes, the cool, shallow, waters of the historic Rio Grande… and pretty much everything in between. We’re just a hop, skip and a jump from Albuquerque and we’re open 365 days a year.
  • fullmoon-web-2Canyon Rides: Depart twice daily, at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Cost per rider is $65 for the one hour ride. (You may choose to ride longer. Cost is $35 per hour after the first hour.)
  • Indian Hills Rides: One or two hour rides around historic and scenic San Acacia. Cost per rider is $65 for the one hour ride. (You may choose to ride longer. Cost is $35 per hour after the first hour.)
  • River Rides – Warm Season Only – Depart at 1:30. Cost, per rider, is $90 for the 1st hour and $45 for the 2nd hour. Two hour minimum time. Plan to get splashed! Bringing a change of dry clothing is recommended.
  • Sunset Rides: Depending upon the length of your ride, we depart either one or two hours before sunset. Cost per rider is $65 for the one hour ride. (You may choose to ride longer. Cost is $35 per hour for the second hour.)
  • Full Moon Rides: Depart one hour before sunset, the 4 nights preceding the full moon. Cost is $155 per rider. The night of the full moon cost is $175 per rider. October is the last month for full moon rides in 2014.
  • White Sands National MonumentAdvanced, Expert Riders Only Pack your lunch; this is full day adventure! Departing at 9 a.m. and returning early evening. Cost varies, $160 – $190, depending upon number of riders and length of the ride.
  • High Mountain Adventure Rides: Pack your lunch; this is a day long adventure! You’ll be in the saddle approximately 4 – 5 hours enjoying spectacular mountain scenery. Cost is $175 per rider.
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 Cowgirl Camp: October 10-13, 2014

Cowboy_bootFriday ~ High Mountain Adventure Ride ~ We’ll be picnicking on top o’ the world!

Saturday ~ Wind your way through remote Slot Canyons as we explore the ancient Carthage ruins.

Cowboy_bootSunday ~ Trot & canter across the stunning landscape of White Sands National Monument.

Monday ~ We’re on a secret trail to Forbidden Canyon. It’s so special, we might have to blindfold you. (kidding!)

COSTS: Bring your own horse: $375  ~  Rent a horse from ARA: $450

* FULLY CATERED. BREAKFAST, LUNCH, & DINNER PROVIDED. (We’ll do picnic lunches along the trail.)

Space is limited. Call to reserve a spot: 575.517.0477
Click HERE to email us.

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