Full Moon Trail Rides

ara-moon4Moonlight shimmers off the quiet waters of the Rio Grande. Moonbeams cast a bright glow on the white sands. Horses have excellent night vision. But, that doesn’t really matter. New Mexico’s full moons are so big and beautiful we can enjoy the view from a whole new perspective.

And, we do! Eight months out of the year, we’re howling under that bright full moon. A bucket list adventure if ever there was one…

 ara-moon1Did you know…? Native Americans tracked time by the wax and wane of the full moons, naming them in celebration of first flowers, harvests and hunting seasons.

FULL MOON RIDES: Depart after sunset the 4 days prior to the full moon, in addition to the night of the full moon.

APRIL is the Full Pink Moon celebrating the pink phlox blossoming in the meadows.

MAY is the Full Flower Moon when wildflowers are abundant along the bridle paths.

JUNE is the Full Strawberry Moon, christened for that delightful berry.

JULY is the Full Buck Moon, when the deers’ antlers begin to show on their foreheads, covered in velvety fur.


AUGUST is the Full Red Moon. Southwestern tribes named it as such because, as the Moon rises, it appears reddish through the sultry summer haze.

SEPTEMBER is the Full Harvest Moon ~ the biggest and brightest Moon, enabling farmers to work late into the night.

OCTOBER is the Full Hunter’s Moon ~ eerily white, casting ghostly images through barren trees, as the threat of winter looms. Ah, we’re just kidding. It’s as much fun as any of the other full moons. Plus you get to wear a costume. (If you choose…)


Cowboy_bootCOST: Prices range between $145 and $185, depending upon the length of time we are riding.

Reservations required. This is a pretty hot ticket! Text, or call: 505.352.4098. Or, send us an EMAIL.

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